Following the precedent of some other schools in our area, LBP has chosen to no longer allow families to send in food or treats for a whole class to share in honour of a child’s birthday or a special holiday.

As you may know, we already discourage children from sharing their lunch food, as some of our students have life-threatening allergies to a variety of foods such as dairy products, bananas and nuts. Parents of these children have asked us to attend to their children’s safety by ensuring they only eat the foods they bring from home. We also have students who have dietary restrictions because of other medical, religious or cultural reasons.

Although everyone appreciates the gesture of families who wish to share a special treat, out of respect for the health and welfare of our school community, and with the support of your School Council, we have decided to prohibit the sharing of all foods within our school.

 If there is a special event planned at school which involves food  (e.g., tasting vegetables in kindergarten, a multicultural assembly or celebration, or planning a Medieval feast in grade four), you will be informed well in advance of the event so you can advise us of your child’s needs.

Thank you for helping us to ensure that LBP is a safe, healthy and inclusive school!