About School Council

The LBP School Council is comprised of interested and enthusiastic LBP parents and staff who meet approximately once a month through the school year.

Our goal is to enhance the educational experience for our students by increasing opportunities for communication between school and home, as well as supporting and/or coordinating additional activities and events that complement the curriculum and build school & community spirit.

Minutes from past meetings can be reviewed by LBP families at School Day, under School Files.

Who Can Attend?

Meetings are open to members of our school community — any parent or guardian of an LBP student is welcome to come out to any meeting.  Council members are elected and/or appointed in the fall of each school year.  Please contact the office or email School Council at lbpvolunteers@gmail.com for more information about becoming a Parent Representative.

Meeting Dates

Meetings usually fall on the 4th Wednesday of each month (unless impacted by holidays) and start at 7 pm.

School Council Bylaws / Mission Statement / Fundraising Guidelines / Council Subcommittees



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